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Asif Qasim - Cardiologist - Founder of MedShr |

Asif Qasim - Cardiologist - Founder of MedShr |

Dr. Qasim - Saving Lives Through Technology

Communication between doctors and patients is essential to ensure that care is delivered quickly and successfully. Dr. Asif Qasim ( believes that the use of modern technology is essential in order to enhance this. Saving lives through better care is idea, wherein doctors worldwide can share and examine certain cases and work together. It is Dr. Asif Qasim's opinion that technology can be used in many ways to promote the health of all people, like tracking diseases and making elderly-care easier.

Internet-based medical conferences are the next step towards improving the way in which medical professionals exchange concepts and expertise, complementing face-to-face seminars, rather than replacing them. The marriage of medical specialists with technology experts, Dr. Asif Qasim believes, is the best way to advance quality healthcare globally. One of the main purposes of Dr. Asif Qasim’s peer-to-peer learning is to globalise professional medical education, whereby medical practitioners share their strategies and skills with each other in real-time. Tutors see that offering comprehensive tuition for doctors is unattainable, due to escalating student numbers and insubstantial budgets.

Countless patients have been helped by Dr. Asif Qasim's achievements. With a view to helping one-stop clinics, a non-invasive centre was planned to be introduced in the year 2015. Dr. Qasim took on the challenge of managing the medical services of the Croydon community during 2010, on behalf of Mayday Hospital. Not only was this beneficial for bettering the healthcare of the local population, it stimulated the local economy, making 1,000 new jobs available. Dr. Asif Qasim's vision for the Croydon Heart Centre was implemented during 2009.

It is reassuring to know that there are doctors who are not just committed to managing and treating their own patients' health issues, but also to the health of the community as a whole. Each and every project requires perseverance and enthusiasm to ensure a favourable outcome. Dr. Asif Qasim continues to be involved with UEC leadership in London, regardless of his energetic routine.

Dr. Asif Qasim - The Man

Dr. Asif Qasim's years of experience as a cardiologist, coupled with his dedication to transforming medical care, puts him among the most competent in his speciality. Dr. Asif Qasim is a cardiologist as well as the Clinical Director of Croydon University Hospital, in South London. Extraordinary doctors don't get tired of their jobs, even if it means sacrificing food, sleep and time.

Dr. Asif Qasim: Founder and CEO of MedShr

Dr. Asif Qasim designed his program with a view to assisting doctors to find useful advice to care for the patients requiring the most help, without increasing their significant workloads. MedShr was established by Dr. Asif Qasim, a consultant cardiologist based in London. Sharing best practices and enhancing communication makes it possible for doctors to improve the quality of treatment delivered to patients.