Monika Bacardi vidéo Youtube

Monika Bacardi vidéo Youtube

A variety of undertakings benefiting the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation have been participated in by Monika Bacardi ( She heightens awareness of the consequences of human pursuits on the natural planet by means of the foundation. A wide variety of humanitarian matters are of great importance to Monika Bacardi. One, in particular, in which she is active is eco-sustainability. The H.S.H. Prince Albert II Foundation aims to protect our habitat and to promote sustainable development all over the world.

Monika Bacardi's Professional Activities

Monika Bacardi endeavors to set up services around her 'PHOTO' brand name for photographers and artists, providing vocational management while also establishing connections with international buyers. Creating funding for, producing and circulating movies to a global market are things that she achieves as co-founder and producer of the AMBI Group. Several years ago Lady Bacardi purchased the well-established 'PHOTO' magazine, which has been operating since the year 1967. The running of 'PHOTO' magazine and AMBI Group take up the majority of Monika Bacardi's professional life.

Monika's Personal Life

She thinks that one should aim to work with a smile and should try to stay optimistic. Given how well-known she is in the arts sector, along with her good reputation as a humanitarian, Monika Bacardi goes to many charity events, film galas and award gatherings. Monika Bacardi wedded the Lord of Bayfield Hall (Lord Luis Bacardi - a descendant of the creator of the Bacardi Company) and they had a girl together.

Monika Bacardi - Biography, Activities, Personal Background & Passions

After marrying into the Bacardi family, Monika Bacardi was named Lady of Bayfield Hall. She helped create the AMBI group, due to her enthusiasm for cinema. The AMBI group is a cinematographic company headquartered in Europe. Monika Bacardi became part-proprietor of 'PHOTO' Magazine in 2014. This advanced her connection to the arts world.

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