Charles Rosier:

            Charles Rosier:

Charles Rosier funded MPOWERD to develop other energy solutions like lanterns. With this, MPOWERD delivered these solutions to more than 25 poor nations around the world. One of the firms supported by him is Luci MPOWERD, a clean and renewable power solution service-provider. Furthermore, he helped the company to develop more revolutionary solutions. Economical LED lanterns were developed by MPOWERD to provide inexpensive energy solutions to poor countries. Charles Rosier helps to promote a pollution-free environment by working hand-in-hand with a French firm called Innoveox.

Healthcare Projects of Charles Rosier

He financed Mapreg, a laboratory based in Paris, in order to perform a study regarding stroke, depression and other serious illnesses. The drug project Charles Rosier funded was for the treatment of stroke known to cause spinal cord problems. Because of the investment made by him, the organisation was able to do studies and give a percentage of their profit to Charles Rosier.


Charles Rosier finally became a member of BTG Pactual in August 2010. He became partners with an investment bank in Latin America: BTG Pactual. Charles Rosier was offered a job at Goldman Sachs (GMS) in 1999. After taking the offer, he was hired as their Managing Director. BTG Pactual has been trusted in international markets for more than 30 years and has 2,500 employees throughout Latin America.

Educational Attainment of Charles Rosier

In order to attain more French qualifications, Charles Rosier took two years of additional classes in preparation. His name became big in the market because he was able to hold different positions throughout his profession. In 1991, he completed his secondary schooling at Paris’s Fenelon Sainte-Marie. At ESCP Europe, Charles Rosier earned his degree, which paved the way to his initial profession.

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